Personal Loans

What do you need to attain your financial and lifestyle goals?

Get a guaranteed fixed rate and fixed monthly payments on your personal loan and plan a solid budget with no surprises.

Cut down on debt, finance home improvements, start a home business, plan a wedding, or go back to college for your degree – whatever your goals are, our no surprises personal loans will help you get there.

Our personal loans are designed with you in mind:

  • Flexible loan amounts that fit your needs
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Fixed rate guaranteed – pay the same amount from month to month
  • No prepayment penalty – pay your loan off faster without incurring penalty fees
  • Convenient, free automatic payment option – just set up direct deposit and we will take the monthly payment out of your paycheck.

Signature Loans
Loans for any purpose (debt consolidation, vacation, education, etc.) secured solely by your signature.

Loan Type
APR* as low as
Term of Loan
$15,000 maximum

Up to $15,000 at 9.00%

$5,000 to $15,000 at 9.50%

Up to 48 months

Up to 60 months


Promotional rates may be lower than the above stated standard rate.

Share-Secured Loans
Secured by the funds in your savings account, which continue to earn high dividends, share-secured loans receive our lowest interest rates.

Loan TypeAPR* as low as
Term of Loan
$500 minimum (100% of loan secured by shares) 2.00% APR + current share dividend rate Up to 36 months
$500 minimum (100% of loan secured by shares) 3.00% APR + current share dividend rate 38 to 72 months

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