Direct Deposit

A great majority of our membership already know the many benefits of direct deposit.

And you should too! Direct deposit of payroll checks and benefit payments is as safe as traditional deposit methods. Plus, direct deposit offers consumers a money management tool that is reliable, convenient and saves money.

Using this electronic system, you can automate the task of depositing payments into a designated account at CalAgCU. Once you set up your direct deposit account, your money is automatically deposited on the specified date, and your money is available to use that day. Direct deposit is...

  • Money saving – there are direct and indirect costs to depositing a check yourself and/or cashing a check. You can save a trip to the bank on that busy Friday afternoon and ultimately save money on gas. You’ll also save yourself from wasting money on check-cashing fees.
  • Quick – With direct deposit, your money is electronically transferred into your account and available to use the morning of the transfer date.
  • Secure – There’s no need to worry about lost, stolen or misplaced checks. Direct deposit is more confidential than paper payments because fewer people are involved in the process.
  • Convenient – Direct deposit eliminates having to make deposits in person. If you are ill or away from home, your funds will be credited to your account in your absence.
  • Reliable – You can be assured your money will be deposited to your account on time, correctly and confidentially.
  • Simple – It’s easy to get started! Just give your employer our routing number 322077494 and your account number.

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